The Stall Door
written by Dr. Ted Zajac

The stall door is closed
for the last time this morn
As we proceed to the table
where you have lied down before

Exposing each layer
and contents inside
while a knowing surgeon
acts as a guide

With progressive reports
becoming memories of what has passed
Induction, Closure
The making of casts

And the experience now gained
that can be gotten no where else

And to save some
a few must die - old and young
and their legacy lives on
in the hands of those who heal

Always remember the dogs,
the cats, the sheep, the ponies,
that have given more
than any teacher, any book, or any school

And gave us all the gift and ability to give life to others
Upper Saucon Animal Hospital Inc
Dr. Ted Zajac and Impulsive Chance